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Summerlin Dentist: Dental Care In Las Vegas, NV

If you’re looking for the voted top by his peers’ dental office at Summerlin, you’ve come to the right place. Stephen Spelman DDS, MAGD, will provide outstanding dental treatment that will leave you feeling satisfied and reassured that the job was done to the highest standard.

We are entirely devoted to delivering the finest possible patient care and service, which is why we make every effort to ensure that we take the time to educate all of our patients on their oral health and any cosmetic procedures they wish to pursue so that they can make truly informed decisions.

Remember, this is not a clinic, and there are no rotating dentists here. When you have an appointment with Stephen W. Spelman, you will be seen by Stephen W. Spelman, It’s as simple as that.

Dr. Stephen Spelman’s dental office in Las Vegas provides high-quality and at the same time affordable dental services in Las Vegas, NV.


Here is a brief overview of the services our dental office in Las Vegas provides to the patients.

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A check-up to ensure that your smile is in the best possible condition. At each hygiene appointment, our Registered Dental Hygienists devote the necessary time (1 hour) to give the best possible treatment and education to each of our patients. This guarantees that all plaque is properly removed, and the patient departs with a bright smile and instructions on how to brush and floss properly to maintain their dental health. A comprehensive examination and x-rays of your hard and soft tissues, as well as an oral cancer screening, are also available.

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We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to help improve the overall appearance of your teeth, gums, and bite. We want you to feel confident in your smile so you can live the life you deserve to live, enhancing both your personal and professional life!

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Invisalign® is a transparent aligner system that is custom-made using molds of your teeth. These aligners are made of comfortable BPA-free polymers that gently shift your teeth into place.

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Lost a tooth? No problem. Our dental implants will have you fixed up and back to normal in no time.

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Our dental office in Las Vegas offers high-quality porcelain veneers that correct most aesthetic concerns you have about your teeth. Porcelain veneers may be a quick and easy option if you have healthy teeth and gums but are unhappy with the way your smile appears.

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Our CEREC machine captures a picture of your teeth and gums using digital imaging technology, eliminating the need for messy impressions or temporary crowns. The tooth is restored on the same day as the extraction, avoiding the need for temporary crowns.

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We provide root canal therapy to cure an infection in the core of the tooth. The infection (and nerve) are removed, and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed during a root canal treatment. Don’t worry; the process isn’t nearly as unpleasant as what people say.

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Our kit includes custom-made teeth whitening trays that perfectly fit your teeth, ensuring even and effective whitening. You’ll achieve a brighter, whiter smile with ease and comfort in the convenience of your own home.

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The list doesn’t stop there. We offer just about every dental service you could imagine, including natural-looking dentures, laser treatment, digital radiographs, sedation dentistry, metal-free restorations, and so on. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or questions about our services.

What Makes Our Summerlin Dental Practice The Right Fit For Your Oral Needs

If you’re in the Las Vegas area and require a dentist near you, then Stephen Spelman DDS, MAGD should be your first port of call. We understand the importance of quality care, and we do anything we can to deliver outstanding treatment and excellent value wherever we can.

Our clinic is known for providing high-quality family dentistry and outstanding service in a relaxing, compassionate atmosphere. Stephen Spelman DDS, MAGD has been voted Top Dentist in Clark County by his peers, and you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality treatment when under his care.

Stephen Spelman DDS, MAGD is one of only a few dentists in Summerlin to have obtained a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD). This is only one example of his commitment to the dentistry profession and the well-being of his patients. As a result, our patients and other dental professionals have elected Stephen Spelman DDS, MAGD to the top DENTIST list in Las Vegas every year since 2001.

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Finally, if money is tight, financing is an option through Care Credit Lending – the leading provider of healthcare finance. This is a name and a program you can trust, with over $5 Billion borrowed and over 250,000 patients empowered. They provide instant decisions that do not damage your credit, longer terms for lower monthly payments, and no collateral is necessary.

So, what do you have to lose? Come in and let us lavish your smile with the love and attention it so well deserves!


“I love this office!  The quality of care I receive here is the best I’ve ever experienced!”

Kristine F.

“My visit was great!  He makes you feel very comfortable.  The office is clean and nice and the equipment is high quality.”

Scott D.

“My veneers turned out great!  I love my new smile:)  Thank you!”

Danielle A.

“Dr. Spelman and his staff are great professionals and, even more importantly, nice people!”

Dave R.

“Great dentist, staff and beautiful office!  Glad I found this place!”

Bobby K.

“Dr. Spelman is so gentle and calm, he makes going to the dentist pleasant!”

Nicole C.

“Thank you Dr. Spelman!  I was completely satisfied and will refer my friends.  It was the ultimate in dental treatment!” 

Tina R.


The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends asking family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers for recommendations. Ask your family doctor or local pharmacist. If you’re moving, ask your dentist for advice.

Even if your teeth feel fine, it’s recommended that you visit a dentist every six months for a check-up. This allows the dentist to monitor any conditions and treat them early. 

In addition to the regular six-month check-ups, the dentist might require you to go for more frequent checks if warranted. The time between check-ups can vary from three months to a year, depending on your dental health. Again, it’s best to follow the instructions of your Summerlin dentist

In addition to going on dentist recommendations from family and friends, you can quickly determine how good a dentist is if:

  • She/ he is concerned about your comfort; 
  • She / he is in good standing with the American Dental Association;
  • She / he asks questions, listens and follows up; 
  • She / he shows respect for staff members, resources and time. 

No matter where the dentist is, they should all follow set values. These include honesty in all business and patient matters, respect for patients and fellow healthcare staff, and integrity by upholding all professional principles. 

Dental care is all dental and oral health that impacts your health and wellbeing. For example, when you don’t practice proper dental care, you can suffer from cavities and gum disease, which is known to create further problems, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 

Daily dental care includes brushing, flossing and reducing sugar intake to maintain healthy teeth and gums. By practicing daily dental care, you’re avoiding costly dental procedures and long-term health issues. 

Common dental problems include tooth decay, gum disease, tooth sensitivity, broken or cracked teeth, receding gums, root infection, bad breath and enamel erosion. 

If you suffer from anxiety when visiting a dentist, it’s best to avoid drinking coffee before a visit as it can cause further stress. 

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