Foods That Keep Me in Business! #1 – Hard Candy

hard candyFoods that keep me in business! #1 Hard candy!

Those of you that let hard candies dissolve slowly in your mouth are constantly bathing your tooth enamel in sugar which aids in the formation of plaque. The double whammy is those of you who crack and chew the candy with your teeth, not only covering the teeth in sugar but chipping and fracturing them at the same time! Just say “No!” to your hard candy habit and chew some sugar-free gum instead!


Spotlight on Team Member – Karen Vinces!

Karen Vinces – Back Office Supervisor and Dental AssistantKaren Vinces
Karen received her Dental Assisting Certificate and Radiology Certificate from the College of Southern Nevada in 2010. She was attracted to dentistry for the opportunity to help people and loves to make patients feel comfortable and appreciated. Karen says, “I am proud of being part of a team that is committed to their patients, continuing education and keeping up with advancing technology.” In her spare time, Karen loves spending time with her daughter and husband, enjoys music, dancing, movies and cooking! A native of Ecuador, Karen also loves to travel, meet new people and is fluent in English and Spanish. Karen has been with us since 2012.