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Why Is My Tooth Sensitive to Cold, Hot, or Sweets?

Have you ever bitten into something, a cupcake, ice cream, or taken a sip of hot coffee only to experience a sharp pain in your tooth? Sensitivities to hot, cold, or sweet foods or drinks indicate that you may have a cracked, decaying, or infected tooth. Luckily, these are easily fixed with a trip to […]

What to Know About Tooth Decay Stages

What Is Tooth Decay? Tooth decay is damage to your teeth that can cause cavities, abscesses, tooth loss, and other oral and dental problems. Tooth decay is caused by acids excreted by several varieties of bacteria that can live in dental plaque. These bacteria survive in your mouth by consuming sugars from the food you […]

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush

How Often Should I Replace My Toothbrush? Whatever the type of toothbrush you use to clean your teeth, it will become worn and lose its effectiveness as the bristles are damaged by use. This can reduce the amount of plaque that is removed by the toothbrush, impacting your oral hygiene. To avoid this, you need […]

How Professional Teeth Whitening Is Done?

What Is Tooth Whitening? Tooth whitening covers a range of treatments for your teeth that alter their color. This is typically used to whiten discolored teeth and remove blemishes such as coffee and nicotine stains. A Las Vegas dentist can do teeth whitening as an in-office procedure, and you can also find teeth whitening products […]

Black Tartar on Teeth

You noticed black stuff on teeth that won’t go away no matter how hard you try brushing. If that’s the case, it might not be a regular stain. You are dealing with calculus or black tartar on teeth. This guide covers all details on how to tackle this dental problem. Whether you have black at […]

Infection After Tooth Extraction: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Even though your tooth extraction is simple and straightforward, complications are still possible. Since wisdom tooth extraction is the most common dental surgery procedure, millions of people each year experience some form of complications or discomfort afterward. In most cases, this is entirely natural. Of course, getting a tooth removed from your mouth is a […]

Dry Socket Vs. Normal Socket: What Are The Differences?

Dry socket, otherwise known as alveolar osteitis, is inflammation of the alveolar bone. This typically occurs as a complication of tooth extraction and can be very painful due to the bone and nerves becoming exposed. So, what does a dry socket look like, and are there any major differences between a dry socket vs normal […]

How Long Do Veneers Last On Teeth? Porcelain and Composite

Whether you have already had veneers fitted, or if you are considering getting some fitted in the near future, you are probably wondering how long do veneers last. After all, veneers are not the relatively affordable dental procedure you can undertake, so you need to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself […]

Should You Be Rinsing Your Mouth With Water After Brushing?

The question of whether or not you should rinse after brushing really depends on your preference. Whilst there have been studies on the impact of rinsing, the results only indicate that there might be an advantage of one over the other. However, the unfortunate truth is that many people are carrying out their daily oral […]

Black Spot on Tooth: What Does That Dark Spot Mean?

It is not uncommon for people, even regular brushers, to experience tooth discoloration. Drinking wine can turn your teeth purple, while caffeine can turn them yellow. These are not a cause for concern. However, if you have a black spot on tooth, that may indicate a deeper problem that needs to be addressed. Whatever the […]