Video Testimonials

What our patients are saying about Dr Spelman

Seven of our patients give their impressions of Dr. Spelman. If you have any questions about our practice please call our office manager, Ashley Brown, at 702-871-6044 or contact us through our website at Thank you for viewing our patient testimonials!

Invisalign! What Dr. Spelman’s patients are saying about their Invisalign experience


Teri is a full-mouth reconstruction patient and has temporaries on her upper teeth in this video. She talks about the procedures Dr. Spelman has implemented to restore her bite and her teeth which were severely impacted from grinding.


Stephanie talks about her dental implants, veneers and Invisalign.


Jenny and her family are longtime patients of Dr. Spelman’s. She is a small business owner, former ballet dancer and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Jenny has not needed much in the way of restorative work but gives her impression of the office, staff and Dr. Spelman.


Bryan has been a patient since 2010 and talks about his impression of the office, Dr. Spelman and Invisalign.


Dr. Spelman’s patient for 30 years, Nicole is a personal chef and helps manage a gourmet restaurant. She talks about her dental implant, bridge work and her hygienist.


Nathan and his family have been patients since 2011. Nathan has had fillings, two dental implants and Invisalign.


Vincent is a trial attorney and a patient since 2011. He gives his impressions of Dr. Spelman and his staff.